Group Info

Kass Group Meeting Schedule 

When: Fridays 3:45 pm in Kolthoff 136

Group meeting types:

Show & Tell: Group members talk about what work they've done since the last Show & Tell

Problems: Group members each bring an organic problem for the group to work on

Literature: Group members each bring a recent publication related to group research

Presentation: One group member gives an informal talk (~20 minutes) about a chemistry topic related to group research 


January 19: Show & Tell - Cal's OPE practice talk

January 26: No meeting 

February 2: Show & Tell

February 9:  Presentation by Alex Lovstedt - Problem brought by Casey Lee-Foss

February 16: Show & Tell

February 23: Presentation by Casey Lee-Foss - Problem brought by Sofía Ramírez

March 1: Show & Tell

March 8: No meeting - Spring break

March 15:  Show & Tell

March 22: Presentation by Sofía Ramírez - Problem brought by Josiah Nisly

March 29: Show & Tell

April 5:  Presentation by Josiah Nisly-  Problem brought by Cal Mergendahl

April 12: Show & Tell

April 19: Presentation by Cal Mergendahl - Problem brought by Alex Lovstedt

April 26: Show & Tell

May 3: End of the semester activity!